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Meseum of Insects, University of Costa Rica
El Museo de Insectos de la Universidad de Costa Rica (MIUCR), fue establecido formalmente en 1962 a partir de una minúscula colección, recolectada previamente por entomólogos de la Escuela Naciona ...
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Museo Calderón Guardia
El Museo está dedicado a presentar la vida y trayectoria del expresidente Dr. Calderón Guardia como ciudadano, profesional y político quien gobernó Costa Rica de 1940 a 1944.
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Museo de Oro. Banco Central de Costa Rica
Concerned about the protection of our nation’s cultural and archaeological heritage, the Central Bank of Costa Rica undertook the collection of pre-Columbian gold objects between 1950 and 1974.
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Museo of Jade
The Jade Museum features prehistoric carvings of jade and stone, and some ceramic and gold articles, arranged according to their region and historical period. It's on the 11th floor of the INS Building,
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Museum Central Bank of Costa Rica
The Gold Museum is near the ICT information center under the Cultural Plaza on Ave. Central. This collection, one of the finest in the world, contains over 2000 pre-Columbian gold artifacts. Its 24,000 troy ounces contains over 2000 pre-Columbian gold ar
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Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art
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Museum of Contemporary Art and Design
The contemporary visual expressions of the museum reflect the present times by projecting itself towards the future while referring to the recent past.
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Museum of Regional Costa Rican Art
Musseum of the regional art in Costa Rica
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National Museum of Costa Rica
The National Museum emerged in Costa Rica when liberal ideas and principles of peace, material progress and education characterized the society of the 1880’s.
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