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Adding your Web Site to CostaRicaClick is totally free. This free link would appear in the results according to the search made for subscribers and normal Internet visitors. However, if you want a better listing position and access to our 86.000 subscribers (and growing database), then you’ll need to subscribe as a Partner.

Please read the following information carefully to fully understand the potential of using our resources and the way of becoming a Partner Web Site of CostaRicaClick.

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Why Advertise With Us?

• Because CostaRicaClick Directories content is the best, biggest, more focused you can find; and it’s open to anyone and everyone who’s looking information about Costa Rica.

• Because CostaRicaClick has the biggest subscribers’ database of people that want information about Costa Rica in the different categories. (See below the database distribution by region, income, age, etc.)

• Because CostaRicaClick is the only Real Directory and Search Engine of Costa Rica. People can search and find among the biggest database of links, while you can be in the first positions in your business sector.

• Because we promote CostaRicaClick worldwide as the best Costa Rican source of information. We use different channels according to our different directories, so we guarantee focused traffic to our Partners and Directory.



• Because CostaRicaClick, has 2.000+ active links and growing up to 10.000 links in the first four months of this year.

• Because CostaRicaClick understands that you want focused clients in your door and not hundreds of clicks coming from not relevant markets.

• Because we offer all clients detailed tracking of their campaigns in Real Time. We offer our clients a traffic analyzer code to understand which referrals are bringing customers to them.

• Because through hard work and a commitment to deliver value to our customers, we have developed an option for small companies who don’t have a Web Sites to appear in our database, making the CostaRicaClick the best source of information.


Detailed Advertisement Distribution



Home Page

Have your banner on the most, first visible entry point of our web site, a prominent 468x60 pixels banner size, plain static or animated full color ad to capture visitor's attention and convert the visit into a click to your site and then a potential client of yours. 








Directory Categories

You can choose to rotate your 468x60 banner and/or our latest ad technique, a simple eye catching Text Box among your category selected area, having the advantage you can reach only the people interested in that section or specific topic. 




Search Results

This is the most effective way to reach thousands of people searching for specific results in our system. By using our advanced Keyword relevance technology your advertisement will be targeted and displayed to people looking for those items you want to promote, and you'll make sure you are reaching the market you pretended to. Combine both, 468x60 banners and Text Boxes. 




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